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Calculating the required number of standard construction blocks:
Block producers are often asked how many standard blocks are needed for a project. The table below provides a very fast, simple and accurate way to find the answer.

To calculate the number of construction blocks by a specific length:
Multiply the lenth by .75
Example: 140 ft. x .75 = 105 blocks (includes the mortar joints)
To calculate the number of rows of construction blocks by a specific height:
Multiply the height by 1.5
Example: 8 ft. x 1.5 = 12 rows (includes the mortar joints)
To calculate the number of construction blocks by a specific area:
Multiply by 1.125
Example: 160 Sq. Ft. x 1.125 = 180 blocks (includes the mortar joint)

Mortar Quantities: 3 bags per 100 blocks
Add to Block Amount:
5% to 10% should be added to all quantities for breakage, spillage and errors.
NOTE: These measurements are for a general guideline only. For exact amounts, contact American Concrete Products.

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